Uptime Energy to Excel
Los Angeles

Drink Tank is an incubation and distribution platform for innovative food and beverage products.

We partner with emerging brands in order to feed discerning consumers’ hunger for new, exciting, health-conscious products.

We have unique access to some of the top retail markets, restaurants, hotels, universities, celebrities, and other tastemakers in Southern California.  This allows us to evaluate, test and refine new products, and when ready distribute them to a ready customer base.   Our goal is to offer the most efficient and cost-effective path to market for innovative new CPG brands.

We own several beverage brands, including Uptime Energy, and are expanding our portfolio of incubated brands.  Over the coming years, Drink Tank will build its portfolio of products and expand its distribution platform. Feel free to Contact Us if you would like to discuss partnering with us.


We seek out brands that fit our mission and our focus — unique products that offer our customer base concrete points of differentiation.


Once we partner with a brand, we provide marketing, market research, and other value-added services to maximize the chances of success.


Once a brand is ready, we launch it at full strength through our distribution network.

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